The front exterior of the shopping centre under construction.
Heritage Court’s Development

A new beginning in an old town

When Gord Pike looked at his property at 14 Mill Street in Historic downtown Almonte he remembered the glory days when he opened his first grocery store.

He remembered seeing all his friends and neighbours as they met each week between the aisles, at the cash register, out in the parking lot and talked about their kids and the latest news about town.

The buildings at 14 Mill Street offered a great starting point, but were sorely in need of revitalizing and improving.

It was that day Gord decided to invest in Almonte once again. After eight months and over $1,000,000 in building improvements Gord Pike was thrilled to invite residents and vistors to experience Heritage Court.

Today Heritage Court and its companion, Heritage Mall, are home to 14 essential local businesses.

Photo Gallery

Front entrance for Almonte's Heritage Court in summer.

A visit to Almonte isn’t complete without shopping at Heritage Court.